UBS Willow Fund, L.L.C. Cases

The attorneys at Shepherd, Smith, Edwards, & Kantas LLP are currently investigating claims involving UBS Willow Fund, L.L.C. The fund, which was formed in 2000 by UBS and Bond Street Capital, was intended to invest primarily in debts of U.S. companies and banks. These investments included companies that were in bankruptcy, were likely to enter bankruptcy, or had recently engaged in some sort of debt restructuring. All of these types of investments are very speculative in nature, and carry a very high degree of risk. The fund further leveraged itself and purchased various derivatives and swaps, all of which exponentially increase the risks to the investors. Moreover, the UBS Willow Fund was not guaranteed to be liquid, as the fund was not intended to be publicly traded, no redemptions were permitted for at least two years after purchase, and the fund was not required to permit redemptions after that.

The results in the fund are quite telling. The fund has fallen to less than 15% of the size that it was in 2007. If you have invested in the UBS Willow Fund, L.L.C., please contact our securities law firm at 1-800-259-9100 for a confidential, no obligation consultation.

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