Tender Offers for Non-Traded Reits

As we have reported many times, non-traded REITs, have been very popular investment vehicles for independent broker dealers, who have peddled them to elderly, retired or conservative investors who could least afford the risks and losses associated with them. Often they were marketed and sold as being safe, liquid investments, when in fact nothing could have been farther from the truth. Sometimes the brokers with the firms pushing non-traded REITs received additional compensation for selling them including lavish entertainment and trips.

The concern for many investors is the fact that they cannot access their money. For the elderly, retired or conservative investors who receive tender offers from some of the non-traded REITs such as Inland Western, Behringer Harvard, Cole REIT III, Inland American and others, the question is whether they should accept the tender offers made. Like many other questions that arise in securities cases, there is no hard and fast rule. Each and every case is different and the answer to that difficult question must be given after analyzing your particular case and the circumstances surrounding it.

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