Survey Should Be of Concern to Investors

Recently there was an article in Investment News that should be of concern to investors, prompting them to be cautious about eager financial representatives who want to get them to put more money into stocks. The article discusses that even though 88% of the advisers say their clients are still spooked by the market, they want to convince clients to embrace the market and all its volatility and reinvest the assets they had on the sidelines over the last couple of years. The essence is how do they get clients back in the game plan after riding out the bad times?

The unsettling statistics are that advisers are split on whether the recession has ended or not, with 42% saying it has and 48% saying it hasn’t. However, one thing that they all seem to agree on is that investors are as risk averse as they were a year ago, making the pitch that volatility helps you achieve good results rather than being something to fear difficult to sell.

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