Regions Financial Corporation (RF), the parent company of Morgan Keegan, recently reported its seventh quarterly loss in two years of $155 million. They have been under the gun because of six mutual funds Morgan Keegan managed and sold to its customers which lost roughly $2 billion in value from March 31, 2007 to March 31, 2008. The funds involved include the Select Intermediate Bond Fund; Select High Income Fund; RMK High Income Fund; RMK Strategic Income Fund; RMK Advantage Income Fund; and the RMK Multi-Sector High Income Fund. How do you suppose they reacted? Read below.

As noted by John Archibald of the Birmingham News, to celebrate their $155 million quarterly loss, the bank flew its board, some managers and many of their spouses to New York City on their private jet for a board meeting. While the Regions’ $3.5 billion TARP debt remains unpaid and the firm posted yet again another loss, Regions top dogs stayed at the Ritz Carlton at Battery Park, a luxury hotel where corporate rates run from $95 to $7,500 per night, and feasted at the finest restaurants such as the Mario Batali project Del Posto, where wine and dinner costs $250 per person. In addition to being treated to the trip, the lowest paid board member received $142,875 for their hard work, which resulted in a huge quarterly loss.

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