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Charles Schwab and Co., Inc. is the world's largest discount brokerage firm. It pioneered much of what is considered discount brokering today, although competitors have overtaken Schwab in low commissions. And Schwab has moved toward more traditional brokerage practices in some ways, offering customers higher value services for higher costs. It has somewhat followed the path that Merrill Lynch set down decades previously. It marketed itself as a brokerage firm for the common man, and then became more

As its clients became older and wealthier, Schwab has become more of a traditional brokerage firm.

Schwab has over 7 million clients and 300 offices and 16,300 employees throughout the United States. The company also offers mutual funds, annuities, and mortgages. Schwab also owns U.S. Trust, which provides asset management, and CyberTrader, a direct access broker.

Sales in Fiscal 2003 topped $4 billion and net income was $472 million.

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