Legal News

Goldman Sachs Settles Lawsuit Over Short Selling Shares of

SSEK Investigating Claims Involving optionsXpress, Inc. and brokersXpress, Inc.

Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LLP Investigating Claims Involving Puerto Rico UBS Bond Funds

La Firma de Abogados de Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LLP Investiga Casos que Involucran la Expedición de Fondos de Bonos por Parte de UBS en Puerto Rico

JP Morgan Facing Increasing Scrutiny

Investor Assets may be at Risk with Investment Advisors

Strategic Return Notes

Oppenheimer Found Liable for Representative Mark Hotton’s Fraud

Lawsuit Filed Against Wachovia for Failing to Detect Ponzi Scheme

LPL Financial, LLC Settles Charges by Massachusetts Securities Enforcement Division over Improper Sale of Non-Traded REITs

Lawsuits over Stanford Ponzi Scheme Move Forward on Both Civil and Criminal Fronts

UBS Willow Fund, L.L.C. Cases

Preliminary Settlement Approved for Investor CDO Suit Against Citigroup

Barclays fined over $450 million for market manipulation

New FINRA Suitability Rule

Former Red Sox Catcher Hands Merrill Lynch and Its Acclaimed Phil Scott Team Its Second Big Loss in a Year

Claimant Gets Everything Requested from Edward Jones

Claimant's Attorney Gets Away with Murder in FINRA Case

31 Year old UBS Trader Causes a $2 Billion Loss

FINRA Statistics Show Investors Win 46% of the Time

SEC Charges Pair for Insider Trading

SEC Expands Probe of CDO Deals

Regions is Having a Hard Time Unloading Morgan Keegan

More Delays for the Fiduciary Standard of Care

SEC to Prohibit Firms From Betting Against Products Sold to Investors

Another Beleaguered Broker Dealer Closes Shop

SEC Puts the Brakes on Christian Stanley, Incorporated

Major Banks May Get a Multibillion-Dollar Deal

FINRA Announces Fines for Firms Charging Excessive Fees

Alzheimer's and Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Fired Customer Seeks Revenge

SEC Charges Texas Man for Targeting Deaf Investors

SEC Charges Black Diamond Securities with Fraud

Morgan Keegan Continues to Lose Bond Fund Cases

$50,000 Bail Set for Former Marvell Employee Who Leaked Inside Info

Schwab Sues Banks for Manipulating Libor

SEC Charges Floridians with Running a Ponzi Scheme

FINRA Panel Slams Wedbush Securities for $2.8M

Oppenheimer Loses $1.1M FINRA Arbitration in Denver

Claimant Wins $350,000 FINRA Award in Alaska

U.S. Bancorp Sues Bank of America to Force a $1.75B Buyback

Goldman Agrees to Compensate Victims of Wrongful Foreclosures and Put an End to

Bank of America's Worst Nightmare

The Portrait of Today's Investor

Federal Agency is Set to File Suit Against Major Banks for MBS

Another B-D Closes Due to Fraudulent Private Placements

Morgan Stanley Forecasts $1.7B in MBS Losses

Operator of Ponzi Scheme Could Get 329 Years in Prison

Bank of America’s Troubles Continue to Pile Up

Wells Fargo to Pay $590 Million to Settle Claims it Misled Investors

Heisman Trophy Winner Loses $2M in Ponzi Scheme

Former Citigroup Broker is Indicted for Stealing Over $800K from Clients and Citigroup is Fined $500K for Failing to Supervise Her

Goldman is Sued by the NCUA for Misrepresenting MBS

Stifel Nicolaus is Charged with Fraud by SEC

SEC Charges Inside Trader Who Made a 3000% Profit

Commonwealth & LPL Financial Face Fallout From a Real Estate Private Placement They Sold

Capwest Securities Suffers a $940,000 Loss in FINRA Case

Insurance Agent Who Preyed on the Elderly Could Go to Prison for Almost 100 Years

Morgan Keegan Gets Popped for $555,400

Philadelphia RIA Agrees to a $11M Settlement with the SEC

Investors Wanting to Opt Out of Oppenheimer Funds Settlement Must Do So Before August 31, 2011

FINRA Permanently Bars Former UBS Broker Who Used Customer Money to Pay Her Bills

Lawsuit Says Wells Fargo is Violating Federal Rules on Reverse Mortgages

FINRA Permanently Bars Former American General and AXA Rep

Madoff Trustee Reaches a $1 Billion Deal with Tremont Group

Financial Planner Suspected of Running a Ponzi Scheme Involving Athletes and Coaches Found Dead

Charles Schwab is Popped for $323,120 in a Yieldplus Case

FINRA Panel Orders Neuberger Berman to Pay $5 Million

RBC Capital Rep Used

Major Mortgage Lenders are Still

Largest Fine Ever Agreed to by Wells Fargo to Settle Claims it Falsified Loan Documents

FINRA Issues Notice on How Illiquid Non-Traded REITs are Valued on Customer Statements

Countrywide Investors May be Entitled to $27.5B Instead of $8.5B

Next Rep William Bailey Suspended for Excessive Trading of Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities

Fraud Scheme Sends Conspirators to Prison

ARS NEWSLETTER - Fair Game: The Investors Who Can’t Come in From the Cold

Eight Former Employees of Defunct Brokerage Firm Hampton Porter Investment Bankers are Indicted by Federal Grand Jury

Revenge of the Investor

N.Y. Files Fraud Suit Against H&R Block

NASD Fines Reach Record Levels

David A. Noyes & Co. to Pay $550K to Settle Variable Annuities Case

Waddell & Reed Agrees to Pay $11 Million to Settle Annuities Switching Case

NASD Says Firms Directed Investors to Costly Options to Boost Their Commissions

SEC Settles Securities Fraud Charges Against Theodore Sihpol

NASD Orders Morgan Stanley to Pay Over $6.1 Million for Fee-Based Account Violations

Edward Jones Reaches $1.5M Settlement

American Express Unit is to Pay Settlement in Mutual Fund Probe

NASD Fines Hornor, Townsend & Kent, Inc. $325,000 for Improper Sales Contests, Email and Supervision Violations; Firm Ordered to Prohibit Variable Product Sales Contests for Three Years

Hartford Reports New York Subpoena

Who's Preying on Your Grandparents?

NASD probing A.G. Edwards Fund Sales

Morgan Stanley Hit with Class Action Alleging Discovery Improprieties

15 Specialists from Big Board are Indicted

Morgan Stanley Clamps Down on Sales of Some Fund Classes

Two Top Morgan Stanley Bankers Resign

S.E.C. Expands Best-Price Rule on Stock Trading

Investors File Suit Against A.G. Edwards

Oceanside Woman Sues A.G. Edwards

Missouri Suspends Waddell's License

NASD Rethinking Scope of Sales Contests Policy

NYSE Regulation Fines Merrill Lynch $13.5 Million

Salomon Smith Barney Disciplined for Supervisory Failures Relating to Electronic Communications

President Bush's Uncle Loses Securities Arbitration Case

Jesup & Lamont: NASD Fines, Suspends Analyst for 6 Months

Morgan Stanley: NASD Eyes Disciplinary Action vs Unit

Details of Stock Research Settlement Outlined

Morgan, Merrill Face Lawsuits Over Annuities

Morgan Stanley Subpoenaed Over Annuity Sales

Edward Jones Details Payments by 7 Funds

Top Executive at Edward Jones to Step Down

How Consultants Can Retire on Your Pension

Morgan Stanley Lawsuits

SEC Charges Morgan Stanley with Inadequate Disclosure in Mutual Fund Sales

Unit of H&R Block is Accused of Fraud

Five Execs convicted in Enron Barge Case

Regulators Charge Brokerage Firm Raymond James

Wall Street to have Role in 1st Enron Trial

SEC Charges Charles Schwab & Co. with Improperly Allowing Certain Customers to Purchase Mutual Fund Shares After Market Close

Research Settlement Completed: 2 More Banks Agree to Pay $100 Million

SEC Sues Three in Stan Lee Stock Fraud Case

Global Money Management LP and Zenith Capital

Fund Losses May Be Returned

Sales of Investments to G.I.'s Under Scrutiny in Washington

Top 10 Investing Scams

NASD Disciplines Three Firms, Three Brokers for Variable Annuity Abuses

Check is Not in The Mail in WorldCom Settlement

Citigroup in $2.65 Billion WorldCom Settlement

The WorldCom Settlement: What it Means for You

Actor Larry Hagman From the TV Show “Dallas” Wins $12 Million From Citigroup in a Securities Arbitration

Putnam to Pay $110 Million in Fund Trading Probes

Janus Settles Fund Trading Complaints for $225 Million

A Broker's Empty Promise, a Retiree's Shattered Dream

Conflict Probes Resolved at Citigroup and Morgan Stanley

Tough Road for Investor Payback

Investors Seeking Lost Assets Face Hard Road

Few Believe $1.4B Deal will Change Wall St.

10 Wall St. Firms Settle With U.S. in Analyst Inquiry

In a Wall St. Hierarchy, Short Shrift to Little Guy

Fines, Findings May Bring IPO Case to a Head

Lawsuits Over IPOs to Proceed

Ex-Salomon Broker Files Claim on Grubman, Citigroup

Regulators Announce $1.4 billion Settlement with Wall Street

SEC Chairman Resigns Under Pressure

Credit Suisse First Boston under fire for Conflict of Interest, Misleading Clients

Complaint Expected to be Filed Against Credit Suisse First Boston

Merrill Lynch Lawsuits

Fraudulent Analyst Lawsuits

Online Investors Get 10 Tips from State Securities Regulators

State Securities Regulators Highlight Problems with day Trading

NASD Regulation Files Six Enforcement Actions Involving Marketing and Sales of Variable Annuities

Scandal Sullies Mutual Funds

SEC joins Probe, Asks Funds for Documents

Bill to Limit Oversight of Wall St. Gains

NASD Takes Disciplinary Actions for Variable Annuity Abuses and Issues Investor Alert on Variable Products

SEC Takes Steps to Address Late Trading, Market Timing and Related Abuses

SEC Charges Invesco Funds Group, Inc. and CEO Raymond Cunningham with Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Duty for Allowing Market Timing at Invesco Funds

SEC: More Mutual Fund Charges are Likely

Janus Capital Group Under Investigation

Experts: Mutual Funds Riddled with Abuse

Richard Strong Resigns as Chairman of Strong Mutual Funds

Putnam's Chief Steps Down Amid Shake-Up in Fund Industry

SEC, Massachusetts Accuse Putnam of Fraud

Bond Arbitration Cases Boom; More Cases Expected as Interest Rates Rise

Former Morgan Stanley Broker's Assets Frozen

Stocks That May Have Been the Subject of Tainted Investment Bank Research

ARS Auction Failure

FINRA Requires Complete and Accurate U-5 Reporting

Wall Street Crisis Snares Main St. Schools

Unanimous SEC Vote to Eliminate Window Dressing

Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ) Principal Protected Notes

FINRA Changes the Rules to Prevent “Cram Down” Arbitrators

FINRA Requires Complete & Accurate U-5 Reporting

FINRA Special Arbitration Procedure (SAP)

The Lehman Debacle That Unraveled The US Economy Celebrated Its Two Year Anniversary On September 15, 2010

Hartford's Variable Annuity (VA) Exchange Letter

Non-Trade REITs - Risky Investments

$9.2 Million Awarded Against Morgan Keegan in Houston Tx Securities Arbitration Case

Elderly Lady With Parkinson’s Awarded $110,000

$397,034 Compensatory Damages Plus Punitive Damages Awarded

Lehman Brothers Preferred Series “J” Stock

Majority of Investors Think Brokers are Fiduciaries

Raymond James (RJF) Hit with a $925,000 Award in Auction Rate Securities (ARS) Case

Rating Agencies Ignored the Fact that Loans Were Bad in Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)

FINRA Proposing to Allow Choice of All-Public Panel

Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) Wreak Havoc On Credit Unions

Some Insight Into the $12 Million J.R. Ewing Award

Structured Notes are Complex Products

Hall of Fame Quarterback John Elway Sacked by a Ponzi Scheme

$22.5 Million Penalty Paid to Settle SEC Charges

Remember October 19, 1987?

Morgan Stanley Gets Hit in Phoenix

FINRA Fines Firm for Inadequate Supervision of Sales of Reverse Convertibles

Founder of Scoop Management Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

Morgan Keegan Fails in Attempt to Muddy the Water

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) Claims

FINRA Warnings for Commodity Linked Securities

Saint's Player Sues Financial Advisers for $3.9 Million

Lack of Supervision Continues to Haunt Wall Street Firms

Another Hedge Fund Hit by the Sec

UBS - Lehman Brothers 100% Principal Protected Notes

Kenneth Wayne McLeod Ponzi Scheme Losses


John Elway's Hedge Fund Manager Pleads Guilty

Are We Headed for a Bond Bubble

$543,612 Award in a Medical Capital Case

Medical Capital Holdings & Provident Royalties, LLC

UBS Loses Big Case Involving Lehman Structured Notes

FINRA Fines Ferris, Baker Watts $500,000 for Inadequate Supervision of Sales of Reverse Convertible Notes (Revcons)

Sec Investigates Citigroup’s Mat/Asta and Falcon Funds

329 Years in Prison and $6.8 Million Fine for Ponzi Schemer

Finra Fines Goldman Sachs $650,000

Oppenheimer Ca Municipal Fund Losses

Goldman Sachs Loses Attempt to Set Aside $20.6 Million Award

Oppenheimer Champion Income Fund Losses

Stifel Nicholaus & Company Settles Ars Case in New Jersey

Citigroup Agrees to Pay $95.5 Million to Buy Back Frozen Auction Rate Securities (Ars)

Investors’ Recovery Rate is 49% in FINRA Arbitrations

Interest Rate Swaps Result in a $4 Billion Backfire

Ubs to Pay $6.6 Million for Violating Florida Law

Oppenheimer Hit with $668,816 Auction Rate Securities (ARS) Award

Reverse Convertible Notes with Contingent Downside Protection

FINRA Investigates Morgan Stanley Arkansas Broker

FINRA Panel Orders Morgan Stanley to Pay Merrill $1 Million

Beware of Variable Annuity Swaps

Will Ferrel Not as Fortunate as Larry Hagman

Comptroller in Charge of $106 Billion NYC Pension Plans Requests Major Lenders to Review Lending and Foreclosure Procedures

SEC Charges Two More Former Madoff Employees with Fraud

Elder Financial Exploitation Program

FBI Raids Three Hedge Fund Offices During Insider Trading Investigation

Sec Probing Citigroup in $1 Billion Mortgage Deal

Morgan Keegan Hammered for $1,845,318

UBS & Morgan Stanley Fined $1.5 Million in Oregon Ars Case

Prudential & Wachovia Hit for $2 Million in Mississippi

Michigan Investment Adviser Steals from Elderly to Pay for Dancers

Beware of Your Broker’s Credentials

UBS Sued for $2 Billion by Madoff Trustee

Citigroup Settles Auction Rate Securities (ARS) Dispute with Hawaii for $869 Million

Testimony Reveals Countrywide’s Mortgage Documentation Errors

Morgan Keegan Hit for $541,000 in Case Where Investors Researched Funds and Purchased Them at On-Line Brokerage Firm

$106 Billion May Be the Cost of Mortgage Buybacks

FINRA Seeks to Shut Down Pinnacle Partners

Citigroup Ordered to Pay $2.4 Million for Municipal Arbitrage Loss

FINRA Hits NEXT Financial of Houston with $400,000 Fine

Citigroup Hit with Another Award of $1.5 Million to Charity

SEC Charges Deloitte Partner and Wife with Insider Trading

Madoff Trustee Files $6.4 Billion Suit Against JP Morgan Chase

Non-Traded Reits

Bank of America (BAC) Settles Fraud Charge for $137 Million

Moody's Investors Service Downgrades Nearly $70 Billion in Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS)

We Previously Reported That Ubs was Ordered to Pay $529,688 to Investors Who Owned Lehman Principal Protected Notes…………………Now for the Rest of the Story

MBIA Insurance Sues Morgan Stanley (MS) For Fraudulent Inducement

New FINRA Site Compares Financial Capabilities By State

Muni Bond Probe Nails Three Former UBS Bankers

Madoff Trustee Saves the Best for Last

Nearly 100 Small to Midsize Firms Sued for Sales of DBSI TICs

Morgan Stanley Broker Admits Plot Involving Disabled Children

Former Wachovia Brokers Accused of Defrauding the Elderly

Citigroup Ordered to Pay $304,639 for Sale of ASTA Five

Ernst & Young Faces Fraud Charges

Madoff Trustee Collects $7.2 Billion From Philanthropist's Estate

J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs & Wells Fargo Subpoenaed in MBS Investigation

Notice: Schwab Yieldplus Fund Opt Out Deadline Nears

J.P. Morgan Settles with Florida for Bond Sales to Muni Fund

Brokers Mistakenly

Merril Lynch Incentivized Buying Bum Mortgage Backed Securities

FINRA Expels APS Financial for Targeting Elderly Investor

Allstate (ALL) Sues Bank of America (BAC) and Its Countrywide Financial Unit for Losses of $700 Million in MBS

New York State Pension Fund Settles for $10 Million From Rattner

Securities America Hammered for Nearly $1.2 Million in Medical Capital Case

Another Mammoth Award of $2.2 Million Against UBS

Morgan Stanley Ordered to Pay $110,000 to 401 (K) Participant

Evergreen Tipped Off Select Clients and Overstated Fund Value

Broker Who Defrauded Elderly Nuns Settles with Sec

Goldman Sachs Sued for Fraud Connected with Abacus Cdo’s

Managers of Tax Free Fund for Utah (Tffu) Charged with Fraud

Greensboro Firm Charged with $65 Million Fraud on Pension Funds, School Endowments, Hospitals and Non-Profits

157 Banks Were Shuttered in 2010

Medical Capital Claims Continues to Haunt Securities America

Tomball Texas Firm Investigated for Fraud

Centaurus Financial Blistered in Award

Private Placement Deals Continue to Take Down Broker-Dealers

Investor Warnings About the $3 Trillion Muni-Bond Market

SEC Ramping Up Oversight of Muni-Bond Market

Alnbri Management CEO Charged with Threats to SEC and FINRA

Arbitrator Rules Firm Committed Fraud in TIC Deal

Long Island Adviser Charged with Fraud by SEC

New Jersey Regulators Say $40 Million Lost in Ponzi Scheme

California Firm Charged in $14 Million Commodity Pool Scheme

QA3 Financial Hammered with $1.6 Million Award in TIC Case

City of Vallejo Bankruptcy Would Result in 95% Loss for Creditors

Beware of Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

Mayors of Chicago and Los Angeles Say Bond Defaults Likely

Citigroup Hit for $142,862 in General Motors (GM) Preferred Stock Case

Caution: Alternatives to Traditional Bonds Have Big Risks

Senior Citizen Hits Wells Fargo in Reverse Convertible Case

Goldman Sachs Settles ARS Allegations in Virginia & Colorado

Community Bankers Securities Slammed for $752,000 in Medical Provider Funding Corporation VI (“MP6”)

The String of UBS Losses Keeps Growing

Merrill Lynch Charged by SEC with Misusing Customer Order Information and Charging Undisclosed Trading Fees

Brewer Financial Hit for Compensatory and Punitive Damages

Countrywide Acquisition Proves to be Achilles Heel of BAC

Bear Stearns’ Blatant Corruption is Revealed

Blame For Financial Meltdown Widespread

Value Of Home Removed From Accredited Investor Requirement

FCIC Says Merrill Hid $30.4 Million in CDO During Crisis

Another Morgan Keegan Bond Fund Victory For Investors

South Carolina Sues BNY for Lehman and Subprime Losses

There is No Slowdown in Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

Indexed Annuities are Terrible Investments for Seniors

Raymond James Slammed with a $1,000,000 Award

Investors Can Choose to Have an All-Public Panel Hear Their Case

SEC Reaches Settlement with TD Ameritrade for $10 Million

JP Morgan's Reputation at Stake in Lawsuit

FINRA Arbitrators Slap Citigroup with $6.4 Million Award

UBS to Buy Back $1.5 Billion Auction Rate Securities (ARS)

J.R. Ewing Award of $11.6 Million Set Aside

Madoff Trustee Seeking $1 Billion From the NY Mets

Calpers Sues Lehman Brothers for Misrepresentations Related to Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)

Private Placements Lead to Demise of Brokerage Firm

BNY Mellon Accused of Ripping Off Virginia Pension Fund

S&P Lowers Bond Rating on Another State

SEC Charges Indymac Bancorp with Fraud for Misleading Investors

Another Med Cap / Provident Private Placement Settlement

Allstate Sues JP Morgan Over the Mortgage Backed Securities Mess

Trustee is a Bulldog for Some an Angel for Others

SEC Claims Amish Man Scammed His Own Community For $33 Million

Lincoln Financial Fined $600,000 for Failing to Protect Confidential Client Information

FINRA Serves National Securities with Wells Notice

Stanford Sues the Feeds for $7.2 Billion

Morgan Keegan's Woes Continue

23 States Enlist Doctors to Help Fight Elder Fraud

Investors Still Do Not Trust Brokers

Investors Seek to Force Bank of America to Buy Back Loans

Top SEC Lawyer Sued for Profits From the Madoff Scheme

Securities America Scores Legal Victory in Reg D Case

Survey Should Be of Concern to Investors

Bank of America Fined for Failures in 529 Plans

FINRA Sends E*Trade a Wells Notice for Auction Rate Securities (ARS)

Walt Disney Assistant Sentenced for Insider Trading

Larry Hagman's Broker Leaves Frim for Wedbush

A Properly Invested Portfolio Suffers Little Loss

SEC Nips a Dallas-Fort Worth Ponzi Scheme in the Bud

Nation's Largest Banks Brace for Billions of Potential Losses

FINRA Disciplinary Actions Increase by 13%

One of the Largest Banks Warns of Fines for Improper Foreclosures

Ameriprise Sets Aside $40 Million for Reg D Private Placement Claims

How to Help Yourself and Others About Investment Fraud

Institutional Investors Bring Claims for Losses in MBD and CDO

SEC Accuses Ex-Goldman Board Member of Insider Trading

Goldman Sachs Says It May Lose $3.4 Billion

MBIA Pays $19 Billion to Settle Toxic Debt Guarantees

Securities America Sees Available Capital Nosedive by 87%

A Reverse Convertible Security Warning

$24 Million in Awards Against Morgan Keegan

SEC Looking at Banks Restructuring Bad Loans

Lehman Settles with American Eagle and Tribe for $2 Million

Morgan Keegan Hammered for $200,000 Plus Punitives

Minister and Anti-Fraud Crusader Pleads Guilty to Fraud

An Interesting New Orleans Arbitration Case

The Smith Barney Name is on its Way Out

Conditions are Right for Schemers

Southwest Securities Hit with a $650,000 Fine

Ameriprise Stands Ready to Pay $110 Million tt Help Settle the Securities America Reg D Cases

Judge Dismisses Case Against Justice Department & Sec

Retired Airline Pilot Wins $2.7 Million Arbitration Case

9/11 Widow Loses Big with a Crooked Broker

Morgan Keegan Loses Another RMK Bond Fund Case

Wedbush Securities Gets Popped for $233,000 in Alaska

Goldman Sachs Agrees to Buy Back Over $5M Worth of ARS

Did SEC Negligence Cause Investor's Losses?

FINRA Arbitration Statistics for February 2011

Morgan Keegan Loses and Gets Hit with Punitive Damages

Securities America Settlement is Possible

SEC Now Says Fiduciary Duty Rule Target Date Later this Year

SEC Accuses Online Payday Loan Firms in $47M Ponzi Scheme

Largest Banks Face Suits by Credit Unions

Settlement Offer in Medical Capital / Provident Royalties Cas is Increased by Securities America

Radio Personality Charged with Fraud

FDA Chemist Charged with Insider Trading

Marketing of Reverse Convertibles Targeted by FINRA

Ameriprise Takes a Big Hit for Beleaguered Subsidiary

SEC Approves New Discovery Guide for FINRA

FINRA Expels AIS Financial, Inc. for Anti-Money Laundering Violations

Wachovia to be Targeted by SEC

SEC Charges Satyam Computer with Fraud for Overstating Revenue by More than $1 Billion

Zuni Indian Tribe to be Compensated for Raw Deal

Goldman's Abacus Problems Continue

M&A Attorney Charged with Insider Trading

FINRA Imposes Sanctions Firms and Individuals Who Sold Troubled Private Placements

FINRA Cracks Down on Seller of Non-Traded REITs

Is the SEC Too Easy on Lawbreakers?

SEC Settles Client Data Breach with Gunnallen Execs

Unnamed Third Person to $32.2B Insider Trading Scheme Fesses Up

Revised Discovery Guide Goes Into Effect May 16, 2011

Citigroup Slammed for $2.4M in Florida

Larry Hagman Reaches Settlement with Citigroup

Nba Team Owners Sued by Stanford Receiver

Colorado Files Cease and Desist Order Against Dallas Firm

Goldman Sachs Accused of Manipulating Subprime Market

Tender Offers for Non-Traded Reits

Finra Panel in Houston Orders Nelsonreid to Pay $110K

Finra Suspends Firm for Being Serious Risk to Investors

Federal Jury Finds Farkas Guilty in $2.9 Billion Fraud Scheme

Lincoln Financial Ordered to Pay Family Trust $1.76M

Morgan Stanley to Buy Back $323M ARS

There is No Free Lunch or Dinner for Seniors

SEC Targets $7.7M Virginia Ponzi Scheme

JP Morgan Has to Pay $800 Million to Settle Lehman Brothers Brokerage Claims

JP Morgan to Pay Military Personnel $56M for Bad Foreclosures

A.G. Edwards to Pay $755K for Annuity Sales to Elderly

Morgan Keegan Slammed for $881,000 in Memphis

CA Court Says Anschutz Suit Against Deutsche Bank Can Proceed

Capital Financial Receives Cease and Desist Order from SEC

Bank of America in a League of Its Own with MBS Mess

Ameriprise Has Had Enough of Securities America

Mastermind Behind $80M Ponzi Scheme Based on Fake ATMs Gets 8 Years in Prison

CAP West Securities Might Go Under

Illinois Broker Barred from Industry for Insider Trading

Wall Street's Biggest Banks Named in $2.2 Billion Lawsuit

Securities Lawsuits on the Rise for 4th Consecutive Year

Popularity Eludes Wall Street Firms

FINRA Fines Wells Fargo $1 Million for Delayed Prospectus Delivery

Another Black Eye for UBS

Citigroup and Bank of America Faced with More MBS Suits

JP Morgan in Advanced Talks with SEC Over CDO Probe

California Whistleblower Case Unsealed Accusing Major Firms of $137 Billion Scheme to Dupe Government

Former SEC Lawyer Who Faced Suit Over Inherited Madoff Profits Rejoins Old Firm

Hedge Fund Tycoon Guilty on All Counts

Proequities Gets Hammered in for $1.5M in Atlanta

FINRA Gives Investors Access to Disciplinary Actions

FINRA Panel Orders Wedbush to Pay $750,000 in Damages

Raymond James Faces $50 Million Buyback of Auction Rate Securities (ARS)

SEC Issues Wells Notice to Life Partners Holdings

Financier R. Allen Stanford's Trial Set for September 12th in Houston

Eighth Largest Independent B-D Is Up For Sale

Chicago Panel Hits AOS, Inc. with $104K Award

Risk Free Private Placement Offerings to Texas Teachers Gets the Attention of Texas Regulators

House Bill 274 is an Egregious Attempt by Tort Reformers

Merril Lynch is Hammered for $2.5M in Indiana

Ameriprise Discovers Broker Forgeries and Keeps Him Over 2 Years

SEC Announces it Will Relax Rules on Private Placement Offerings

Goldman to Buy Back $25M ARS and Pay $1M Fine in New Jersey

Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are Being Scrutinized for Mortgage Loan Packaging

Atlanta Federal Judge Says JP Turner Was Not Required to Perform Due Diligence on Provident Royalities Offering Materials

Goldman Sachs Faces Federal Subpoenas

Independent Slammed for Selling DBSI Private Placements in North Carolina

Nuveen is Slapped with a $3Million Fine for Use of Misleading Marketing Materials in Sales

Raymond James Hammered for $1.5M in Dallas

Elderly Couple Awarded $520,283 from Merrill Lynch

Finra Focuses on Structured Products and Excessive Fees

Investor Alert: Stock-Based Loan Programs

New York Ag Ads Jp Morgan, Ubs & Deutsche Bank to Probe

Securities America Reaches Medcap Private Placement Settlement with Massachusetts

Provident Royalties Claims Another Independent B-D

Provident Royalties Claims Another Independent B-D

Morgan Keegan Loses Another Rmk Select High Income Fund Case

Utah Says Bank of America Foreclosure Unit is Violating the Law

Sec Passes New Whistleblower Rule

Oppenheimer Settles Champion Income Fund and Core Bond Fund Suits for $100 Million

Finra Fines Merrill and Credit Suisse $7.5 Million

The Most Brazen Insider Trading Case Yet

Bny Mellon and Wells Fargo File Suit Over Reg D Offerings

Knights of Columbus Sues Bny Mellon

Morgan Stanley and Bank of America to Pay $22 Million to Settle Allegations of Improperly Foreclosing on Soldiers

Finra Fines Northern Trust $600,000 For Supervisory Deficiencies

David Lerner & Associates Slapped with Finra Charges for Soliciting Investors to Buy Apple Reit Ten

US Airways Awarded $15 Million by a New York Panel

Sec & Finra Issues Joint Warning About Principal Protected Notes

76Ers Former Owner Awarded $2M Against Ubs

Two More Independents Shutter Their Doors

Former Wachovia Wealth Manager Steals $14.1M

$400 Million Finra Award Affirmed by Second Circuit

Penson Financial Services Gets Hammered For $500,000

Omni Brokerage to Shut Down

Illinois Nails Couple for Preying on the Elderly

Indebted Alabama County Fights Layoffs & Irs

Former Credit Suisse Broker Guilty of $1 Billion Scheme

Appeal of Finra Arbitration Case Before the Fifth Circuit

Capital Investments – A $1 Billion Ponzi Scheme

Study Shows Investors Prefer Commissions vs Fee Based Mgt

Brazen Nasdaq Inside Trader Had Drug Abuse Record

Caregiver Rips Off 74 Year Old for $4 Million

Regions Faces Probe for Delaying Disclosure of Soured Loans

Sworn Affidavit Says Bank of America

Planmember Securities' Reps Face Possible Fines and Loss of Registration in Texas

New Study Says Structured Products Were

SEC Focuses on Role Raters Played in Financial Crisis

Two More IBDs Bite the Dust for Peddling DBSI

Stanford Investors Entitled to SIPA Protection Per SEC

J.D. Power Survey Reveals Investor Confusion About Standard of Care

SEC Zeroes in on Magnetar

Mastermind Behind Longest Lasting Ponzi Scheme Gets 20 Years

JP Morgan & RBS Sued for Duping Credit Unions

David Lerner Associates Sued for $6.8B Apple Reit Sales

Taylor Bean & Whitaker Ex-CEO Sentenced for $3 Billion Fraud

JP Morgan Settles Fraud Charges for $153.6 Million

Regions' Morgan Keegan Settles with the SEC for $210M and Put Up for Sale the Same Day

Ohio Broker Banned by FINRA Continues to Operate

JP Morgan Faces $19 Billion Claim From Madoff Trustee

Fisher Investments Ordered to Pay Retiree $376K

Royal Alliance Broker Ran a Ponzi Scheme for 6 Years

Who Wants to Buy Morgan Keegan?

SEC: Non-Traded REITs Must Disclose How They are Valued

$19M Citigroup Embezzler Lives High on the Hog

FINRA Panel Hits Pacific West with Compensatory Damages, Punitive Damages and Sanctions

First Class is Certified in Mbs Case Against Merrill Lynch

Study Reveals 78% of Investors Never Read Prospectuses

Merrill Has to Pay $880K for Concentration in Phil Scott Team Income Portfolio

Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing is Hit with a Mammoth Award of $64 Million

Bank of America’s $8.5B MBs Settlement is the Largest by Any Firm

Another Small IBD Folds Due to a $200K Arbitration Award

Deutsche Bank is Sued by Dexia for MBS Fraud

FINRA Panel Orders Wedbush to Pay Former Broker $3.5M in a Scathing Award

Goldman Sachs is Sued by Liberty Mutual for Securities Fraud

JP Morgan Agrees to Settle Fraudulent BID Rigging Charges by SEC for $228 Million

Nevwest Securities Hit with $1.78M FINRA Award

Raymond James Settles ARS Case with Texas for Just Under $300,000

Wells Fargo Agrees to Pay $125M to Settle MBS Claims

Auction Rate Securities (ARS) Investors May Be Helped by SEC Brief

Suntrust is Fined $5M by FINRA for Violations Related to the Sale of Auction Rate Securities (ARS)

Investor Alert: FINRA Warns About Chasing Yield with Structured Products, Junk Bonds and Floating Rate Bank Loan Funds

NCUA Sues RBS Securities Again in Another MBS Case

Merrill Lynch Gets Popped for $291K

Morgan Stanley, Ameriprise & UBS Receive Subpoenas Regarding the Sale of Reverse Convertibles in Georgia

$100M Settlement Reached in Oppenheimer Funds Case

DOJ Targets Wells Fargo For Discriminatory Lending Practices

Jefferson County Alabama Hires Bankruptcy Attorney

Merrill Lynch Gets Handed an $8.1M FINRA Award

Raymond James Tries to Get Out of Paying a $1.7M Award

FINRA Files Complaint Against Thurman Ray

Former Citigroup Broker Who Represented Wealthy Mexicans is Barred From the Industry

Capwest May Be Another Victim of Private Placements

SEC Investigation Discovers That Investors Were Steered Into Complex Products By B-Ds

Former Frontpoint Manager Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading

Securities America Finally Has a Buyer

FINRA Suspends and Fines Robert T. Bunda for “Spoofing”

SEC Charges New Yorker and Two Houston Firms with Fraud

U.S. Justice Department and SEC Join Together in Massive Probe of Credit Rating Firms

Goldman is Sued by Allstate Insurance Over Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS)

FINRA Fines Houston Firm and Registered Principal

Former Credit Suisse Broker Gets 5 Years in Prison and a $5M Fine

Morgan Keegan Hammered for Over $500K

FBI Charges Former NBA Player with Running a $2M Ponzi Scheme

Man Who Helped Bring Down Gunnallen Goes to Prison

Ex-Con Has Investor Following on the Internet

LPL Financial Snares a Top FINRA Official

FINRA Orders Raymond James to Pay $1.69 Million

SEC Says Long Island Adviser Stole Over $1 Million

Miami Manager Nailed in $3M Commodities Scam

Regulators Focusing On

SEC Shifts Gears to Catch More Wrongdoers

Government Report Says Fannie Mae Knew About Improper Foreclosures as Far Back as 2003

Wachovia & Raymond James to Buy Back $457M Ars and Pay $3.26 M Fine to Settle New Jersey Allegations

Merrill Fined $1M for Failing to Supervise Santo Office

A Very Interesting Dissenting Opinion

Queens Man is Sent to Prison for 25 Years for $413M Scam

Societe Generale Ordered to Pay Fund Manager $61M

Citi to Pay $285M for Creating CDO and Betting on Its Failure

Boogie Becomes the 20th Indie to Shutter Due to Provident/Med Cap

Texas Securities Board – Warr Investors to Get One Third Back

Another Black Eye for a Former NAPFA President

Galleon Founder Gets 11 Years for Insider Trading

Life Settlement Scheme Puts Two Texans Away for 105 Years

Lerner Associates Paid Promised Returns with Borrowed Money

Sec: Ex-Con Uses $26M Ponzi Scheme to Pay Off Prior Victims

FINRA Arbitrator Denies Claim and Assesses Atty Fees

Countrywide Keeps on Giving to Bank of America

“Challenging Economics” Forces Edelman Out

Forex Ponzi Schemer Sentenced to 10 Years

Mortgage Restructuring Scheme Uncovered by SEC

Elderly Investors Continue to be Targets of Scams

Broker Who Did Not Settle Gets Popped for $488,260

FINRA Fines UBS $12M for Short Sale Supervisory Failures

Former Goldman Director Surrenders to Feds for Insider Trading

Morgan Keegan May Go For $1 Billion and Regions Offers $200M to Help Finance the Deal

Brokerage Firms Lose $2 Million in “Free Riding” Scam

SEC Orders FINRA to Hire Independent Compliance Consultant

Suit Says Goldman Sachs Sold MBS and Was Betting on Failure

Bank of America Subpoenaed by Massachusetts Over Bryn Mawr CLO II Ltd. and LCM VII Ltd. CLOs that Cost Investors $150 Million

MF Global Holdings Developments

Precious Metal Investments

Former LPL Financial Broker Alberto Neira

Significant Award Against RBC Capital Markets, LLC

SSEK Investigates Claims Involving Badgett Tax and Financial Services

Oppenheimer Continues to Show Serious Supervisory Deficiencies

Tracey Crownover

Larry Dearman, Senior

Interactive Brokers LLC in Australia

Officers and Employees of DBSI Inc. Indicted

Puerto Rico Bonds Removed From Municipal Bond Index

Bonos de Puerto Rico Excluidos del Índice de Bonos Municipales

Warning to UBS Puerto Rico Clients with Credit Lines

Advertencia a los clientes de UBS Puerto Rico con Líneas de Crédito

FINRA Arbitration Panel Issues Award Against Joel Carlson

Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LLP Investigating Claims Involving Doral Bank and the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust Fund

Los Abogados de Valores del Bufete de Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LLP Investigan Reclamaciones Relacionadas con Doral Bank

Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LLP Files Claims Involving Mark Marek, Willard Golightly, Matt Bell, WFG Investments INC., Securities America, INC. and Alamo Asset Advisors

Morgan Stanley Reaps Massive Profits from Margin Lending

Shepherd Smith Edwards & Kantas LLP Investigating Claims Involving Donna Tucker and UBS Financial Services

Houston American Facing Regulatory Scrutiny

Oppenheimer Continues to Bleed From Regulatory Investigations

Numerous Brokers Disciplined for Theft

Brokerage Firms Disciplined for Overcharging Customers

FINRA Disciplines Brokers and Brokerage Firms for Improper Sales of Life Insurance Products

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